LOS ANGELES, CA – June/July 2009 – Students at Pinecrest School in Northridge, California ( weren’t about to let a little obstacle like not having the necessary software or compatible computer equipment prevent them from participating in a cutting-edged computer programming opportunity.

When a handful of budding computer programmers learned of Carnegie Mellon’s Alice project (, which simplifies 3D virtual programming for students, they joined forces with their computer teacher, Mrs. Catalina Martinez and Principal, Janice Rudd to learn how they could get involved. They quickly learned that the expense of the necessary computer equipment and course materials was too much for the school to incur with the current economic climate. Determined to participate, students took matters into their own hands and began asking around for help.

It wasn’t long before their story reached Bob Hively, President and CEO of Scenewise, Inc. Mr. Hively’s mission with Scenewise is to use visual, interactive media to help students embrace the importance of Math, Science and Space Exploration, to name a few. Mr. Hively and his team aligned with Steve Sieberts of Open Mind Interactive ( to provide the Pinecrest students with everything they would need to participate in the Alice project.

“When the story of these enthusiastic students was brought to my attention, I was thrilled and honored to help them achieve their goal. Our Scenewise team simply connected the dots by arranging for the students to have the necessary hardware, software and guidance to thrive with Alice; they handled the rest,” said Mr. Hively.

In a collaborative effort, the students’ goal was reached and they are currently participating in the award winning Alice program. To show their gratitude, the young students (ranging from 2nd to 6th grade) have been filming their class experience and intend on presenting everyone who helped them with a documentary of the experience, which they are producing as a class.

While the class has only enough compatible computers for a handful of them to participate, they are so grateful for the opportunity that they have vowed to keep searching for equipment so more of their peers can benefit from the Alice experience.

Principal Janice Rudd offered, “I cannot thank Bob Hively and all those who supported our students enough; this is what learning is all about. With the current economic situation, it is tough on everyone, especially non-funded schools like ours. With help from people like Mr. Hively, I have watched our students learn something about hope, sharing and teamwork, these are things you simply cannot teach.”


About Scenewise, Inc.

Scenewise, Inc. (formerly a division of Scope Seven) develops digital educational products. All of the products emphasize visual, interactive experiences. Educationally enhanced® products take advantage of “teachable moments” contained in films and documentaries. Standards-aligned supplemental teaching materials are seamlessly integrated into the film experience delivered on DVD and other digital media platforms. For more information, visit


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