Northwest Regional Education Service District Upgrades Employee Safety Offerings for its Members


Northwest Regional Education Service District Upgrades Employee Safety Offerings for its Members
Switch to ‘EmployeeSafe Suite’ system creates better documentation and more effective training for districts, while utilizing less employee time
Cincinnati, OH – July 21, 2009 – As the Northwest Regional Education Service District’s (NWRESD) need for more efficient and cost-effective safety training grows, it has taken a major step in providing member districts with new online safety training and management that will save both time and money. After considering several other online training providers, NWRESD has partnered with PublicSchoolWORKS (PSW), a provider of automated web-based safety programs that help facilitate timely administration of safety training, compliance with various state and federal requirements for things like drills and inspections, and accident management for school personnel via PSW’s web-based management systems EmployeeSafe Suite.
“The districts we work with were using programs that weren’t saving them time or providing the types of reporting that were effective,” said Scott Cummins, Application Specialist for NWRESD.
“After reviewing several programs on the market, I found that PSW’s Staff Training module, which is part of their EmployeeSafe Suite, had the ability to provide us with exactly the type of training that we needed while cutting back on the time required by administrators to manage recurring safety training, as well as, effectively manage the training of new staff.”
NWRESD works with more than 20 school districts in the northwest counties of Oregon and will begin implementing the EmployeeSafe Suite’s Staff Training module into 12 of the districts that serve more than 5,000 employees. “We were looking for a viable training option that could replace our previous programs; a single program that would be less expensive yet actually get the tasks done that we needed to take place,” continued Cummins. “I think we have found that solution with PSW.”
“We are pleased to support the NWRESD with their safety training needs. The EmployeeSafe Suite’s Staff Training System will make much better use of the administrators’ time by automating the management and communication to staff of required safety training and automatically generating and sending reports to key administrators letting them know who of their staff has not completed their training. This system serves as the backbone of the entire safety program, leaving administrators free to focus on the business of education,” said Tom Strasburger, Vice President of PublicSchoolWORKS.
EmployeeSafe, the only comprehensive, fully-automated risk management system available for schools, addresses the training requirements of schools to ensure compliance with Child Abuse Prevention, Cyberbullying, Bloodborne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment, and FERPA privacy issues, just to name a few. Employees are required to acknowledge their review of the information in order to ensure that workers are aware of important resources and to reduce the district’s liability. The PSW system also automates the process of tracking, managing and documenting of compliance task management (non-training), staff accident reporting requirements, and other safety requirements while virtually eliminating the time and effort formally required by administrators to meet those requirements.
All activities within the EmployeeSafe Suite are managed automatically with e-mail notifications when an action such as training needs to take place. Supervisors are notified when staff is not in compliance. System users receive 24/7 technical and training compliance support via telephone helplines to ensure staff questions are immediately addressed while eliminating the support burden typically required of school administrators to support technology.
“After I looked at the sensitive and compulsory issues, both on a State and Federal level, that the EmployeeSafe Suite system covered, I worked with Britta Bowles and Tom Strasburger to set up a webinar to explain in greater detail to our districts what this program could do for their training programs. After further discussion about the product, six more districts joined right away and are beginning to prepare their management program for staff so they can implement it in its entirety by mid-August,” said Cummins.
About Northwest Regional Education Service District
NWRESD is a leader in providing special education, instructional services and technology support to the 20 school districts in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Washington counties.
NWRESD works in partnership with component districts and the Oregon Department of Education to provide innovative and cost-effective programs and services that meet their needs and priorities.
About PublicSchoolWORKS
Since its founding in 2000, PublicSchoolWORKS has been committed to providing top-quality, practical and cost-effective solutions to the constantly changing environmental, health and safety requirements affecting the nation’s educational systems. The company has gained an exemplary reputation for the innovation and technical superiority of its comprehensive and integrated safety and compliance management systems, which combine administrative software tools and resources to dramatically reduce the time and cost required to develop, implement, and sustain safety compliance programs. For more information visit us on the web at
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