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Most Americans have never filed anything with the Immigration Office.  Americans have no idea that the purpose is to accept your forms and fee’s while providing minimal guidance.


The United States does NOT want all of these Immigrants to be here, or to become Citizens.  The USCIS within the last 6 months, has Changed the Forms, Raised the Fees, and Relocated the proper Mail Address to process these applications. This Process is Difficult for a Reason. http://www.workathomewebjobs.com



I have seen similar packages selling for $49,$69,$99 or more. Some of these kits are more complicated then the original USCIS instructions. I don’t want pages of embassies, or 10 pages of terms. I want a package that tells me to file online if its faster, and provides direct web links. http://www.moneymymoney.com


I want to finish and file these forms. Not read a term paper on immigration.


Did you know that the K1 fiancé visa takes 9 months to a year longer than the marriage visa? If you can marry abroad and file with the local embassy, under the LIFE Act, you could be processed and in the United States in 90 Days, compared to a year for a fiancé visa.


Who has wants to wait a year to be with the one you love?

At American Immigration Publishers, we have personal hands on experience, and have helped hundreds of people with their immigration needs.


The only trick is that the Government is always changing the acceptance addresses, raising fees and remaking forms.  Use the Official Government site. Our product helps you use the information better, faster, the first time.



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