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Titan Poker Offers New $25 Instant Bonus

July 10, 2009 — One of the largest poker websites out there, Titan Poker, is now offering a special bonus to their new players. With their special Titan Poker bonus code, players signing up for the first time get a special $25 bonus by using the TPDEAL code when signing up. This new bonus is offered by visiting a new website, Titan-Poker-Bonus.net.

This new $25 instant bonus is not the only bonus offer that the site offers for new players. On a regular basis they offer a bonus of 50% on deposits of up to $200. This is a competitive offer compared to offers provided by other poker sites. Use the bonus code, TPDEAL, and not only will you get that instant $25 extra bonus, but you will get 150% bonus on up to a $600 deposit, which tops most other poker bonuses offered on the web.

The size of the Titan Poker website is one thing that online poker players love the most. They bring in many players on a regular basis, and out of non-US sites, they are one of the largest and the best.

Another benefit of Titan Poker for players is that this site has been around for some time. The experience that they have in the poker realm allows them to provide excellent customer service. The customer focus of the site has been award winning, and it is their goal to ensure every customer has an unforgettable poker experience.

Although some online poker players are a bit leery of sites that require the download of software, Titan Poker uses a quality software package that Playtech Corporation provided to them. This provider also maintains that software for the company. Customers can safely download the software and it is easy to use as well as good looking.

To learn more about Titan Poker or how you can get your own Titan Poker Bonus, visit http://www.titan-poker-bonus.net for more information.

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