New PowerPoint add-in ribbon from authorSTREAM searches and inserts videos and images from the Web into your slides

Raleigh, USA, July 14, 2009 – authorSTREAM, the PowerPoint community slide-sharing platform, launches today its authorSTREAM Desktop software, which installs in Microsoft PowerPoint as an add-in “ribbon” and helps presentation authors to quickly create rich multimedia presentations. authorSTREAM Desktop fetches images from Microsoft Bing and videos from Google’s YouTube right within PowerPoint. Authors can simply search from within PowerPoint and quickly add images or videos from search results. Images and YouTube videos can also be added by using Web address paths if authors already know what they want to add, without using the search feature. All these actions can be accomplished from within PowerPoint without the need of a browser.

authorSTREAM Desktop allows presentation authors to create compelling, rich multimedia presentations in a quick and easy way through a very simple, usable interface. Authors can also make photo albums very quickly by selecting multiple pictures using a command to insert each selected image on a separate slide. This makes the process even faster by cutting the need of inserting images one-by-one on separate slides, enabling anyone to create quick picture albums for projects, assignments or just entertainment, which can be then shared online on authorSTREAM.

Once a presentation is created to satisfaction, it can be uploaded right from within the ribbon to the author’s personal authorSTREAM account. Although an Internet connection is needed to proceed, there is no need to use a browser and all uploading options offered online on authorSTREAM are available in a single desktop application interface that runs right within PowerPoint. authorSTREAM provides access to multiple sharing options and other features for PowerPoint presentations like converting to video, porting to YouTube, downloading to iPods, organizing in custom channels, synchronously presenting in real-time to a global audience etc. authorSTREAM also offers a Premium, paid service with more, advanced features like presentation statistics, custom branding, Google adsense revenue sharing etc.

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