National Geographic Society and ESRI Announce International GeoMentor Program

National Geographic Society and ESRI Announce International GeoMentor Program

Initiative Aimed at Increasing Geographic Literacy in Elementary and Secondary Education

Redlands, California–The newly established GeoMentor program was jointly announced by ESRI and the National Geographic Society (NGS) on Monday, July 13, 2009, during the Plenary Session of ESRI’s 29th annual International User Conference in San Diego.

The program will enlist people who use geographic information to help educators and students better understand its numerous applications. These GeoMentors adopt a classroom or afterschool program, helping both the teacher and students comprehend the many ways geography and geographic information systems (GIS) can help us better understand the interrelatedness of objects and events in our world.

Because people in many jobs rely on geography to analyze conditions and make decisions, GeoMentors can come from a variety of professions aside from the GIS professional, including police officers, social workers, taxi drivers, city planners, and farmers. Participants interested in becoming a GeoMentor should have a good understanding of geographic concepts and how they can be applied in everyday life, and be willing to share their knowledge with local teachers and their students.

Says Daniel C. Edelson, vice president for education, National Geographic Society, "The rate of geoliteracy in the United Statesmeaning the number of people who can synthesize geographic information from a variety of sources and draw a sound conclusionis frighteningly low. If it is allowed to continue, the inability of most Americans to do even basic analysis of geographic information will have a profound impact on our ability to compete economically, maintain our security, and sustain our environment in coming decades. To help boost the numbers of geographically literate and proficient individuals, National Geographic and ESRI are teaming up on the GeoMentor program to pair those using geographic information in their work with teachers to bring a greater awareness of the use of geography into the classroom."

Charlie Fitzpatrick, ESRI’s K12 program manager, adds, "This program is an exciting addition to our educational efforts here at ESRI, particularly because of the opportunity to join forces with the National Geographic Society. Since ESRI deals with many thousands of practitioners of geography, and NGS deals with many thousands of educators, this unique collaboration between GIS users and educators could help youth throughout the world see the geographic patterns and relationships around them. This will allow them to understand the interactions of the world more clearly and make decisions about matters, large and small, with a better grasp of the inherent impacts."

The GeoMentor Web site has tools for pairing mentors with educators, finding activities, acquiring resources from both the National Geographic Society and ESRI, and sharing stories. Additional details can be found at

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