Microsoft rolls out tools to help scientists manage data deluge

Microsoft Research, the research arm of Microsoft Corp., has released new software tools aimed at helping scientists manage and visualize huge amounts of information, which could help them make discoveries in fields as diverse as astronomy and oceanography, reports. The announcement of the free tools, called Project Trident, was made July 13 at the 10th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Wash. With increasing amounts of data available from the internet, satellites, telescopes, cameras, gene sequencers, and networked sensors, researchers–and organizations in general–are looking for ways to cut through the deluge and focus faster on doing the analysis and getting results, rather than sorting through data. It’s also a problem faced by big companies, financial analysts, and medical institutions. So, ultimately, Project Trident is not aimed at spearing purely scientific research problems–it’s software that also could yield big results for business down the road…

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