Rosetta Stone sues Google over trademark

Rosetta Stone, a language-learning software producer, has filed a federal lawsuit against Google for infringing its trademark through Google’s AdWords online advertising program, AFP reports. Rosetta Stone charges that Google is wrongly allowing its name and other trademarks to serve as keywords that other businesses can use to target paid advertisements to people online. In May, Google adjusted its trademark policy in AdWords to allow some ads to use trademarks without permission, saying the change brought the California company more in line with the industry standard. Rosetta argues that Google’s policy results in consumers being deceived or confused. "Google’s search engine is helping third parties mislead consumers and misappropriate Rosetta Stone trademarks," said Rosetta Stone general counsel Michael Wu. "Google and its advertisers benefit financially from, and trade off the goodwill and reputation of, Rosetta Stone without incurring the substantial expense that Rosetta Stone has incurred in building up its popularity, name recognition, and brand loyalty."

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