Renaissance Learning and Study Island Integrate Product Offerings

Renaissance Learning and Study Island Integrate Product Offerings



July 13, 2009, Wisconsin Rapids, WIRenaissance Learning and Study Island today announced a joint agreement that will enable educators to utilize the Renaissance Responder and NEO 2 laptop with the Study Island standards mastery product.


NEO 2 laptops, which are part of Renaissance Learning’s hardware line, offer valuable writing and keyboarding practice throughout the curriculum. In addition, the NEO 2 allows students to take Accelerated Reader quizzes, enhance computational fluency with the MathFacts in a Flash software, interactively participate in lessons through the built-in classroom response system, and print documents wirelessly. Students can also upload documents to MY Access!, a web-delivered instructional program that diagnoses and assesses the writing ability of students, and to Google Docs, Google’s document, spreadsheet, and presentation application.


As part of the interactive 2Know! classroom response system, the handheld Renaissance Responders use two-way radio frequency technology to help teachers know instantly if students understand key concepts. The system’s user-friendly toolbar allows teachers to set up questions in seconds and the included test generator tabulates results automatically into the built-in gradebook, which saves teachers time and eliminates paperwork.


Study Island is a leading provider of online, standards-based assessment, instruction, practice, and test preparation for the U.S. K-12 educational market. The included rigorous academic content is both fun and engaging. Study Island is foundationally and statistically research-based and is effective in increasing student learning and achievement in diverse settings. Reports for each student are available in real-time and in a variety of formats to help teachers measure student progress and identify areas needing improvement.


This integration allows a class of students to use Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 laptops to answer Study Island assessment questions instantaneously within the classroom. The responses are sent to Study Island immediately where the results are automatically scored, recorded, and stored.


“We’re very excited to be working with Renaissance Learning to expand our support for classroom response systems,” said Ray Lowrey, Study Island’s Chief Technology Officer. “The final result of this collaboration will be a fully integrated solution for our mutual customers to allow them to more effectively leverage their investment in both company’s products.”


“The interoperability of the Renaissance Responders and the NEO 2s with Study Island further enhances the usefulness of these 21st century classroom tools,” said Steve Schmidt, Renaissance Learning President and COO. “The integration of these products enables students to experience learning through technology, while collecting valuable data to inform teachers’ instruction.”


The update for Study Island will be available in a beta release in September 2009.



About Renaissance Learning, Inc.

Renaissance Learning, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of computer-based assessment technology for pre-K–12 schools. Adopted by more than 74,000 schools, Renaissance Learning’s tools provide daily formative assessment and periodic progress-monitoring technology to enhance core curriculum, support differentiated instruction, and personalize practice in reading, writing and math. Renaissance Learning products help educators make the practice component of their existing curriculum more effective by providing tools to personalize practice and easily manage the daily activities for students of all levels. As a result, teachers using Renaissance Learning products accelerate learning, get more satisfaction from teaching, and help students achieve higher test scores on state and national tests. Renaissance Learning has seven U.S. locations and subsidiaries in Canada and the United Kingdom.


About Study Island, LLC

Since 2000, Study Island has been building and marketing online, state standards-based learning programs that are unique in terms of the combination of deep customization to state standards, ease-of-use and affordability. Our in-house technical development and content teams design and create our programs, which are then sold to schools on a subscription basis through our direct sales force. Used by millions of students in thousands of schools across the United States, all of our programs are built specifically from state standards and are designed to create a very user-friendly experience for both students and teachers alike.



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