Indonesia as the next important market of internet business

Indonesia, with its growth on internet user, from 2 million in 2000 to 20 million in 2007, has recently grow an enormous amount of internet learner. By looking on this opportunities, in 2007, public speaker from Singapore, Malaysia, experts in tourism internet marketer, has recently visit Surabaya, and tell how Internet, with its opportunities could change people lives in the future.


 With vast amount of internet learner, for sure Indonesia need additional internet teacher. Especially, Indonesia need a patient teacher, as those who participate in internet classes in Surabaya, is the baby boomer generation, who usually are working as a businessman but they couldn’t even make an email, or we could say they are freshman.

            If a lot of internet teacher among the world could maximize this potential market, there are possibilities to be made for both parties. Indonesia could gain knowledge about internet, which in the long run could help their economic condition, and the internet teacher could gain fortune from this niche market.

 Who could know that Indonesia with its approximately 250 millions people could change the world economic condition, if they run their businesses using internet.   


Henry Yuono



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