Calif. rejects district plan to make up class time

State education officials on Thursday rejected a plan by a Southern California school district to use summer classes to make up for a scheduling error that could cost the district millions of dollars, reports the Associated Press. The Chino Valley Unified School District launched the special session in mid-June after realizing two of its schools had fallen a few minutes short of the daily state minimum on 34 days.
The district got no credit from the state for those short days. It was able to make up some of the lost time but could still lose as much as $5 million in attendance-based funding for fourth-through-sixth graders. California’s State Board of Education voted unanimously in Sacramento to flunk the plan to use the July sessions at Rolling Ridge Elementary School and Dickson Elementary School to make up the class time.
The board "isn’t interested in seeing the district pay the financial penalty, we just want to ensure that students get all of the instructional time they need and deserve and that the district was paid to provide," said Ted Mitchell, board president…

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