West Virginia mulls textbook policy changes that would favor electronic materials

The West Virginia Board of Education is set to consider changes to its textbook adoption policy that would make it easier for the state to buy electronic textbooks, reports the Charleston Daily Mail. The new policy also would mandate that most of the printed books it buys be accompanied by interactive material for students. The changes, to be considered this week by the board, would take effect in 2012. The goal of the new policy is to make the state more "open and friendly" to digital content creators, said Alma Simpson, coordinator for instructional material with the state Department of Education. A team of educators from across the state worked on the proposed changes. West Virginia is one of 22 states that approves a list of textbooks for all its public schools through the state education department, although counties have some discretion in choosing among books on that list. Right now, the state spends about $150 million on textbooks every six years, which is the time it takes to cycle through every subject and get new books for every classroom…

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