Website Releases Summer Bonus Code

Signup bonus, 150% of initial deposit offered to new players

The release of the new summer bonus code for the popular Titan Poker website was announced today by the website, an online poker resource focusing primarily, as you’d expect from the name, on Titan Poker. Site owner Mike LeBlanc made the announcement today, explaining that he hopes the offer will draw many new players to the already popular poker site.

“I created the Titan Poker Review site as a labor of love. I’m a huge online poker fan and like every player, I have my favorites; but I found myself going back to Titan Poker every time I wanted to play – so I decided to create a website which would be a resource for people playing at my favorite site, a tribute to Titan and before long I was able to form a partnership with”

“It’s been a rewarding thing for me personally; I started the site to tell people about Titan Poker and naturally, I think everyone should do their online poker playing there. Being able to work with the site to offer people a bonus code is just incredible. Not only do I get to provide a resource of information on Titan and some of the other great online poker rooms out there, but now I have a real benefit to offer people who might want to try it for themselves. Really, being able to share my love of poker with other people is almost as much fun as playing a hand.”

The bonus code offered through should persuade many who’ve been hearing good things about Titan Poker from other players to give the site a try. The code is only available from LeBlanc’s site and allows players signing up for to receive 150% of their initial deposit, up to a $600 limit and a $25 bonus which is applied on top of the deposit.

Free money just for playing poker? It’s a promotional idea which is used from time to time by online poker sites, but rarely is there a bonus offered which is quite as generous as this one. It seems Titan Poker sees big things ahead for their online poker room this summer and this offer seems likely to capture the interest of online poker enthusiasts looking for a new poker site to try out their skills.

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