Rediker Software Announces the Release of Administrator’s Plus Version 5.3


Hampden, MA – July 8, 2009 – Rediker Software, a leading provider of school administrative software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.3 of Administrator’s Plus, their flagship software for Demographics, Attendance, Scheduling, Grades, Report Cards, Discipline, E-Mail and more. Rediker Software works closely with schools and educators to create the best school administrative software in the industry. Fully integrated and available over the Web, Administrator’s Plus delivers real-world results for teachers, school administrators, parents and students.
Administrator’s Plus 5.3 offers dozens of feature enhancements, including:
  • New Contact Data Base
  • Generic Super Data Base Tables
  • Multi-Module Queries
  • District Multi-Module Queries
  • Enhanced Portfolio Security
  • User-Defined Discipline Codes
  • Enhanced Skills-Based Report Cards
  • Enhanced Attendance Features
  • Alternate GPAs
  • Super Deluxe Schedule Builder Version 2.3
“We are very excited about the latest release of Administrator’s Plus,” said Richard Rediker, CEO of Rediker Software. “Version 5.3 sets a new standard for school administrative software that is easy to use, powerful, affordable, and available 24/7 over the Web.”

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