DULUTH, GA — July 7, 2009 — Teachers implementing a multi-tiered program of instruction need quick and easy access to targeted instruction for struggling learners while simultaneously meeting the needs of the entire class. To provide intensive instruction in specific skill areas, Curriculum Advantage Inc. today introduces Response to Intervention (RtI) Practice and Review bundles. Combined with the award-winning Classworks®  comprehensive K-12 instructional software, the new RtI Practice and Review bundles give schools new research-proven content to help raise achievement at all levels.


Classworks K-12 software offers educators more than 17,000 activities, drawn from 265 top software titles, to customize instruction and improve the performance of students from Tier I through Tier IV.  Classworks is used extensively, and with great success, for RtI instruction, but with the new RtI bundles, teachers can now easily deliver additional practice and review to move Tier II and Tier III students toward grade level proficiency.


The Math Facts, Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary bundles include 1,847 new activities never before seen in Classworks. Each bundle is designed to provide students with the intensive instruction they need to develop automaticity in foundation skills, so they can devote their cognitive effort to higher-order thinking skills.


Like all Classworks activities, the RtI Practice and Review activities are tagged by learning style so teachers can select the modality that works best for each student. The activities are aligned to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) frameworks and can be assigned by strand, skill or objective to address specific student needs.


“Effective RtI instruction is extremely individualized, making teachers’ jobs even more complex and demanding,” said Melissa Sinunu, chief operations officer at Curriculum Advantage. “The RtI Practice and Review bundles give teachers the tools they need to deliver focused instruction to accelerate growth and learning for students at Tier II and Tier III, and improve students’ mastery of grade-level standards.”


About Curriculum Advantage
Curriculum Advantage Inc. ( is the developer of the award-winning Classworks® system of K-12 reading and mathematics instruction and learning tools. Available as a web-based or networked solution, Classworks’ activities are correlated to national and state learning standards and state tests, and include prescriptive and summative assessment, remediation and reporting tools. Classworks Language Learner Series addresses English as Second Language learning with content that focuses on auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic components.


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