Weidenhammer’s alio 10.0 Includes Business Intelligence Tools

Wyomissing, Pa., June 24, 2009 — On July 31, 2009, Weidenhammer will roll out its latest update of its alio®finance and human resources management software. alio 10.0 will include new business intelligence tools, through Weidenhammer’s alio Intelligence software, and will have significant enhancements to its reporting and human resources functions.
The most significant enhancement is alio Intelligence which is bundled with alio10.0. This will provide school districts with powerful reporting tools to manage information with easy to use report writers, higher-level analytics, built-in security features and user-defined dashboards.
“This is a tremendous savings for our clients who are watching their dollars more closely right now. We’ve made alio 10.0 a powerful upgrade by including business intelligence tools as a part of the core alio product. It’s much more than an upgrade — it’s an inflation fighter,” said John Weidenhammer, CEO, Weidenhammer.
“Making business intelligence tools accessible and affordable is unprecedented in education. Until now, software of this caliber has been cost-prohibitive software for schools. alio Intelligence helps schools make better decisions, regardless of their size or their level of spending for software licensing,” said Weidenhammer.
Other enhancements of alio 10.0 include HR functions, alio Web reporting and enhanced bank reconciliation features. The HR system will automatically generate information to the master employee profiles when new employees are added. Additionally, alio 10.0 will have an expanded variable report column, allowing users to retrieve five years of data and display it in 12 columns. Finally, through EDGE, or Electronic Document Generation, clients can create a diverse set of documents through alio Web such as payroll and accounts payable checks, invoices/statement billing, and purchase orders.
Free Installation Process & Training
Because alio 10.0 becomes the base product (for future alio upgrades), all clients must have at least the 10.0 version to access all features. Any version below 10.0 can not support the enhancements, including business intelligence tools. Therefore, Weidenhammer will roll out the upgrade to alio 10.0 to its existing clients and will offer only this newest version to new clients.
Customers can install alio 10.0 upgrades and Weidenhammer will then remotely install and test alio Intelligence as well as provide training. Onsite training is available for those seeking one-on-one instruction.
“We desire a complete and robust software implementation process. To back this up we offer training and support to help clients master alio. It needs to be easy to use so clients can make the most of their investment and simplify their work,” said Tom Gorley, general manager of Weidenhammer, who spearheads the alio Customer Advisory Board.
Weidenhammer offers offsite training through customer support and webinars. It also hosts an annual National Users Conference as well as many local user group meetings that allow clients to collaborate and learn the product hands-on.
“To keep alio evolving with our clients’ needs and make it simple to use – even when they’re creating complex reports – we have a process so our team, business partners and customers can constantly evaluate our product,” said John Green, alio chief software architect, Weidenhammer.

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