Take a weight off her mind!

For many among us,weight is often a sensitive issue,and there can often be nothing less appealing than stepping on the scales and checking out our weight. Sometimes we have to do it – for example,at the doctors – but there are times when we only do it in the hope that the scales will give us only the reading that we want to see.

Here at GettingPersonal.co.uk,because we realise just how unpleasant a task being weighed can be, we’ve introduced a great new gift that’s great for easing the burden – known as the Celebrity Weighing Scales, they’re the ideal choice when you’re looking for quirky Gifts for Her.

Instead of using numbers,our Celebrity Weighing Scales only name names; so you could find yourself armed with the knowledge that you weigh as much as the Queen, Cher, Rikki Lake, or even King Kong – although we’re sure that’s not the case!

Just remember though that it’s only meant as a bit of fun! Even if you do find yourself generating a King Kong reading, there really is no need at all to ‘go ape’ about it!

Celebrity Weighing Scales are the perfect accessory for any girl’s bathroom.

The Celebrity Weighing Scales are currently available from GettingPersonal.co.uk for only £24.42. This and many other fun and Unusual Gifts can be delivered free-of-charge when more than £30 is spent in one transaction. Items can usually be dispatched within 24-hours.

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