it’s learning’s Individualized Instruction Platform Provides a Comprehensive, Web-based Solution for Education


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it’s learning’s Individualized Instruction Platform Provides a Comprehensive, Web-based Solution for Education
Washington, DC, June 29, 2009 – it’s learning AS, a Bergen, Norway-based company and global learning platform provider, brings its powerful individualized learning system and training services to United States schools and universities through its new subsidiary, it’s learning, inc. With nearly two million users worldwide, it’s learning provides a web-based platform, tools and training that enable students and teachers to plan, author, collaborate and deliver engaging multimedia learning experiences. Users can integrate original, free and commercial content into the it’s learning library to help students and teachers meet the standards set by schools, state departments of education, colleges and universities.
it’s learning is designed to manage and enhance the educational process for students, teachers, and administrators. The platform supports different learning styles by allowing students and teachers to easily create and deliver text, images, sound and video for lessons, collaborative projects, assignments, online discussions, tests or presentations. Students can save these digital files to an ePortfolio to show their work to parents and other interested parties. Teachers can use the materials to instruct and assess students.
“Unlike other learning platforms, it’s learning was designed from the beginning to allow students, teachers and parents to focus on the individual needs and interests of every student,” said Jon Bower, President of it’s learning, inc. “it’s learning provides the tools that educators need to provide the media experiences their students expect, and, it’s learning’s well-known ease of use makes it practical for educators to actually take the steps toward individualized learning that they have been discussing for many years.”
it’s learning’s features include:
Differentiated user interfaces – Provides user interfaces that are tailored to each user’s grade level and can be adapted to each individual based on their personal needs and abilities.
Easy Multimedia – Simplifies multimedia creation and use with built-in audio and video recorders that allow teachers and students to create and share multimedia materials.
Superior Learning Management – Offers easy-to-use, yet technically advanced, applications to help teachers and students achieve all their goals through alignment with any competency or benchmark framework.

Plagiarism Control – Accesses an international database of online materials to catch students submitting others’ work.
ePortfolios – Enables students, parents and teachers to have continuous insight into a students’ work as it evolves. Students can give their portfolio a web URL for access without an it’s learning license.

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