Find a Date without having aunt Glady’s set you up!!

For anyone looking to make a lasting impression with a potential date, remember these 3 words, Online Video Dating. Its new, its safe, and definitely effective. With Internet becoming the standard of accomplishing common daily tasks, like banking, grocery shopping, and even your career, online dating has revolutionized itself as a prominent entity that has a strong presence on the web. Primarily because it broadens your search in interesting potential people to meet and connect with, and it can be done through the privacy of your own home. Videos members can share, send and submit to other members or other features in the site. offers new and innovating features that brings you a lot more in touch with reality and skips the hype and overexposure of common two-dimensional dating sites.
With, you approach a dating profile a lot more differently than you would with a probing question-filled personality tests, and essay requirements to help people get to know you better?
Starting with
Introduction Clips: With short 5-10 second video, introducing your-self, this replaces thumbnail pictures when users search through member profiles. Create as many as you would like, just press, whether you are using a catch phrase you like or if you are just stating your name and your likes and dislikes.
Flirt Clip: clips of members saying hi in a flirtatious way, these are important for sending messages that introduce yourself in a fun way replace the use or overuse of the wink or the flirt.  You like someone, you want to be real, you want to be yourself, so record a quick clip through your webcam, how you doinhey there, whats up, letting them know youre real, your genuinely interested, increasing your chances of a response up to 80%.
Availability Calendar: This is for visitors on your page to when your available, to be invited on a date, to show you are actively dating with Availability calendar.
Video Blog: Instead of having to write about yourself, or answer impersonal questions, or take a long irrelevant survey, members can now upload videos talking about their likes, dislikes, and about themselves. This gives the member the ultimate experience in getting to know each other on a much higher level than just pictures.
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