PLAINVIEW, NY — ELMO USA Corporation is proud to announce the release of the TT-02RX, a fourth generation model representing the exceptionally popular “Teacher’s Tool” line of document cameras. 


Quality has been at the core of ELMO USA document cameras. The new TT-02RX model capitalizes on this strength by featuring technologies found in the higher echelon of document cameras – all at an attractive price point for schools and educational institutions. 


The TT-02RX includes the latest Sony® 1.39 megapixel CMOS chip that captures and displays full-motion video at 30 frames per second. It also offers the choice of XGA, SXGA or WXGA outputs by merely flipping a switch. Teachers and students will appreciate the TT-02RX’s enhanced 5.2x optical zoom. This, along with 8x digital zoom, renders crisp, clear images up to 41.6x of magnification. 


Additional TT-02RX features include a logically designed control panel, user-friendly remote control, and an entirely new version of ELMO USA’s Image Mate® software with expanded capabilities. Through the unit’s USB interface, Image Mate® software enables users to connect via PC to capture, monitor, edit and store still images and video with audio. A suite of annotation tools also enables teachers to create their presentations and add-in effects for greater visual impact.


According to Matt Takekoshi, Executive Vice President of Sales, “When it comes to classroom technology, today’s students – who grow up with HD television and other advanced imaging systems – have come to expect high image quality and greater visual immediacy as part of their interactive classroom experience. The TT-02RX enables a teacher to easily and quickly incorporate an exceptional visual presentation that will help keep students engaged and on task, as well as promote greater learning comprehension and retention.”


ELMO USA has been a leader in education technology for more than 80 years. The company’s cutting-edge innovations are shaping the future of visual communications. Foremost among these innovations are teaching tools for dynamic classroom presentations. ELMO’s groundbreaking document cameras and visual presenters benefit students by enabling instructors to incorporate stimulating high-resolution visuals into their lesson plans. These value-priced, full-featured teaching tools offer a level of interactivity and spontaneity that static transparencies or “one-dimensional, pre-planned” laptop and desktop computer lessons simply do not. ELMO offers special pricing for all its classroom visual presenters. For more information about ELMO’s educational products, visit www.elmousa.com or call 1.800.947.ELMO.




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