Rendell to cut grants to enhance technology

In the ongoing state budget battle, Gov. Ed Rendell has agreed to drop all funding for the four-year-old Classrooms for the Future grant program, which pumped nearly $1.2 million into Luzerne County public schools last year to provide training, computers and other high-tech equipment. Rendell announced an additional $500 million in cuts from his previously proposed budget as he tries to close huge deficit and find common ground with a Republican-controlled Senate critical of his spending plans. While the governor already had slashed large chunks of spending, until now he had largely left education unscathed – save for the highly controversial proposal to close the Scranton State School for the Deaf. The new proposed cuts erase $22 million in the original budget for the Classrooms for the Future Program, first launched in 2006-07 and expanded to include more districts each year.

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