New Internet2 CTO pushes multicast, IPv6

Next week, Randy Frank will take over as the new chief technology officer of Internet2, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based consortium of 200 United States universities conducting advanced networking research, Network World reports. Frank joins Internet2 from Fidelity Investments, where he was chief technologist for the financial services firm’s Center for Applied Technology. Before that corporate post, Frank ran high-performance computing centers and research networks for the University of Michigan and the University of Utah. Now, Frank is looking forward to getting back into academia, where he can get involved with cutting-edge internet research in such areas as dynamic provisioning of high-bandwidth circuits, distributed authentication schemes, and IPv6, an upgrade to the internet’s main communications protocol. Frank told Network World he sees great potential for multicasting with Internet2, and he’s also excited about experimenting with dynamic circuit network (DCN) technology, which is in its very early stages in Internet2. "If you need high-bandwidth capacity today, you’re forced to put in a dedicated circuit," Frank said. "With DCN, you can build a network where one is able to dial up … a sustained amount of bandwidth for a short period of time without the expense of dedicated circuits. Internet2 is very much on the forefront of that."

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