Video games were once blamed for rising obesity rates but are now being championed by the medical industry for their health benefits, Reuters reports. Games like Electronic Arts’ "EA Sports Active" and Nintendo’s "Wii Fit" have got players of all ages moving–and game developers and investors looking for hot new titles to cash in on this booming segment of the market. With interest in health games rising, the fifth annual Games for Health Conference in Boston expanded to 390 people this year from 100, including developers, investors, and medical experts, while numbers at many other conferences are down. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, whose mission is to improve the health and health care of all Americans, has called for a federal public awareness campaign to teach parents, teachers, and health-care providers about the healthy side of gaming. "States’ governors should direct their school technology officers to look at innovations like ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ and ‘Wii Fit’ as a way to extend the reach of physical education and comprehensive health education," said Debra Lieberman, director of Health Games Research for the foundation…

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