Computer repair program puts eager students to work for schools

Tennessee’s Memphis City Schools is paying students $7.25 an hour this summer to complete a 240-hour computer maintenance class, hoping to put them to work as PC troubleshooters in a district with 30,000 computers, reports the Commercial Appeal. For 115 students, mostly seniors, the deal was too sweet to pass up. They get an air-conditioned summer job that can continue when school starts and a chance to learn a skill they’re pretty sure they’ll use the rest of their lives. The city schools have computer technicians, but with the volume of desktop and handheld models, each is responsible for maintaining 750 to 800 computers, plus software installations. If one goes down in a classroom that might have only a handful to start with, learning for a significant portion of students slows to a crawl. "You can see how this is going to help us," said Chief Technology Officer Curtis Timmons. "We are trying to expand our tech support by using the students."

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