The shutdown of U.S. analog TV service on June 12 appears to have gone relatively smoothly, but as expected, a lot of viewers are having problems getting the stations they want, reports the Associated Press. The problems have ensnared even the technologically sophisticated. Wally Grotophorst in Hamilton, Va., got a "digital" antenna for his digital TV last year. But on June 12, he lost the Washington-based ABC and CBS stations, channels 7 and 9, which he could pick up digitally before the transition. That’s because those stations, like dozens of others, switched their digital signals from the UHF frequency band to the VHF band as they cut their analog signals. But Grotophorst’s antenna, like many others branded as "digital" and sold over the past few years, was designed only for UHF stations. Nearly all TV stations were using the UHF band for the digital broadcasts until the switchover…

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