Online resources help fill schools’ funding gaps

With a national drop in charitable contributions making it harder for schools to raise their needed funds, thousands of PTAs, schools, and nonprofit organizations across the country are taking advantage of two innovative fundraising tools: and GoodShop is an online marketplace that has partnered with more than 1,000 stores (including Target, Apple, Gap, Kmart, Staples, and others) and donates up to 30 percent of every purchase to the user’s favorite school or nonprofit. GoodSearch is a search engine that donates 50 percent of its revenue — about a penny per search — to the school or nonprofit designated by its users. You use it exactly as you would any other search engine, but each time you do a search, about a penny goes to your favorite cause. More than 79,000 schools and nonprofits across the country already are earning funds using GoodSearch and GoodShop, and schools can sign up by clicking on the “Add a New Charity or School” link on the GoodSearch home page. and