Cyber security education must extend beyond college computer science courses, says Anita D’Amico, who argued before Congress last week that training in security awareness and cyber ethics should start in elementary school and extend into workplace training, reports D’Amico, who is director of secure decisions at Applied Vision, a provider of cyber situational awareness products to safeguard IT systems, offered these five suggestions: (1) Schools of law and law enforcement must go beyond teaching cyber law and policy to teach the foundations of the internet and computer use that underlie these laws. (2) Social science experts should be consulted on how to raise national awareness of cyber risks and change the security practices of the average American. (3) Experts in learning should advise retiring security practitioners on how to expedite the transfer of their knowledge. (4) Computer science curricula must build security into the entire lifecycle of software development. (5) The U.S. must increase the number of citizens who master the math and science needed to advance cyber security and who enroll in advanced degrees in information security…

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