I.B.M. to help clients fight cost and complexity

Starting this week, I.B.M. is introducing some initial products and services and a roadmap for its stable of corporate and government customers to comfortably embrace cloud computing, reports the New York Times.
Cloud computing–in which vast stores of information and processing resources can be tapped from afar, over the internet, using a personal computer, cellphone or other device–holds great promise in the corporate market. The cloud model, analysts say, has the potential to cut the costs, complexity and headaches of technology for companies and government agencies. (Read "Cloud Computing: The Economic Imperative")
Already, Amazon.com, Google and Salesforce.com, among others, offer cloud-based web services to companies, including e-mail, computer storage and customer management software. But many big companies and government agencies have been reluctant to get on board because of traditional corporate-computing concerns like the security of data, reliability of service and regulatory compliance. Even if I.B.M. succeeds in its bid to make cloud computing more palatable for big corporations, there is no guarantee that it will be the main beneficiary of the trend. After I.B.M. helped create the PC industry, lower-cost competitors ended up dominating the business…

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