University campuses have gotten smaller, not in terms of physical layout, but in the time it takes to reach out to students. Landline telephones are old news, as students are tethered to their cell phones. And now the challenge for many college administrators today is how can they put that cell phone to work for both students and the college, reports CR80News. In Palo Alto, Calif., home of Stanford University, developers of an iPhone application called iStanford 2.0 hope one day to see the iPhone replace the campus ID card. The entrepreneurial Stanford students have already produced a suite of iPhone applications that access the university’s course catalog, campus map, and other resources. The application suite was rolled out in October and already has garnered national attention, including winning the $10,000 grand prize for AT&T’s “Big Mobile on Campus” contest for best smart phone application. One of the student members of the firm said he hopes to see the iPhone replace student identification cards in the future. And Blackboard Inc. also has dipped its toe into the iPhone application market. Blackboard has tapped the power of the iPhone, giving students one more way to access their grades, course assignments, and more…

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