Experts: Feds need to spend more on cyber security R&D

Cyber security experts told U.S. lawmakers on June 10 that the federal government needs to spend more money on cyber security research and development and on education programs to fight a rising tide of attacks, PC World reports. The U.S. government has a 2009 R&D budget of about $143 billion, and only about $300 million will go to cyber security research, said Liesyl Franz, vice president of information security and global public policy at TechAmerica, a trade group. Funding for cyber security R&D and for training security professionals to fight the growing problems with data theft "requires immediate and sustained attention," she told the House Research and Science Education Subcommittee. The U.S. government also needs to launch a marketing campaign to make the general public better understand cyber security risks, experts said. But more money for cyber security R&D and for education programs might not be enough, said Seymour Goodman, a professor of international affairs and computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Congress might need to pass new laws mandating cyber security efforts by the private sector, Goodman said, adding: "Market forces have failed to provide the nation with a level of cyber security adequate for its needs…"

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