Apple on June 8 is expected to unveil a next-generation iPhone and possibly provide a glimpse of long-absent chief executive Steve Jobs as it kicks off a software developers conference in San Francisco, AFP reports. The northern California maker of iPods, iPhones, and Macintosh computers has remained tight-lipped as usual about what announcements it has in store, but speculation and rumor are rampant. "My gut tells me we are going to see a next-generation iPhone and Snow Leopard be the two stars of the announcements," Gartner analyst Van Baker said, referring to Apple’s smart phone and a new Mac operating system. "Steve may do a cameo, maybe, because there is strong evidence from multiple sources he is getting back to good health," he said. Apple has been notoriously secretive about Jobs’s health since he underwent an operation in 2004 for pancreatic cancer but has been adamant that he is returning to the company’s helm this month…

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