A quick scan of publications across the country reveals the Pre smart phone from Palm Inc. has received mostly positive reviews and predictions it will be a tough competitor to Apple’s iPhone, Reuters reports. The device–due to go on sale from Sprint Nextel Corp. on June 6–is being praised by several newspapers for its shape, how it combines touch-screen controls with a physical keyboard, and its ability to run several applications all at once, unlike the iPhone. Gripes include concerns about battery life and a thin supply of applications, which were a key to the success of today’s iPhone. Wall Street Journal reviewer Walt Mossberg said the Pre’s biggest advantage over the iPhone is its inclusion of a keyboard, and he also described Pre’s design as "much better than" the BlackBerry Storm from Research In Motion, which uses Google’s Android system. New York Times reviewer David Pogue said the Pre had the usual checklist of features for an advanced phone, but put it all together more effectively than its rivals…

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