Online classes create demand for do-it-at-home lab kits

With online education and virtual classrooms becoming more popular, an Englewood, Colo.-based company is helping to bridge the gap between home-based education and laboratory experience, reports the Denver Post. Hands-On Labs Inc., through a product line called LabPaqs, has adapted laboratory experiments to a smaller scale that fits in a cardboard box and can be mailed to students. The company recently relocated to a larger facility to accommodate its rapid growth and has struck a deal with a major publisher. LabPaq products range from micro-chemistry sets to kits that allow students to dissect fetal pigs in their kitchens. More than 80 course-specific LabPaqs are offered in subjects that include chemistry, anatomy, and geology. Professors assign them the same as textbooks, and students buy them online. Co-creator Linda Jeschofnig said 20,000 LabPaqs will be shipped this year. "On many college campuses, labs are so crowded and you only have a limited amount of time," Jeschofnig said. "An off-campus environment usually gives you that space and flexibility."

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