Microsoft has tweaked the search filters on its new Bing search engine following criticism that its smart-motion video feature allowed web surfers to watch porn without visiting adult web sites, CNET reports. The company announced the change in a blog post June 4, as it also defended its approach to adult content in search results as a "more conservative approach than others in the industry." Bing does not show any video results for queries such as "porn" until searchers disable a safe search filter, but once they do that, searchers can watch a small preview clip of adult content in the browser while still on the Bing site–thereby bypassing an internet content filter. Bing’s video preview feature–known as smart-motion preview–is one of the selling points Microsoft has used to try to get momentum behind its revamped search engine. But the company acknowledged that enterprise customers had expressed a desire to enforce stronger search filters within their networks, and so it is giving those network administrators (as well as individual users on a home network) the ability to add a string of text to Bing queries that automatically enforces the strictest search settings, regardless of the user’s individual setting…

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