Internet service providers were supposed to provide the music industry with a new, powerful line of defense against illegal file sharing, CNET reports — but so far, it hasn’t worked out that way. Filing lawsuits against individuals accused of illegal file sharing was, for the most part, a thing of the past, said the Recording Industry Association of America back in December. The new strategy was to enlist the help of ISPs, which would issue a series of warnings designed to increase pressure on alleged pirates in what the RIAA called a "graduated response." Under the plan, those subscribers who refused to heed warnings could eventually see their web connection suspended. But six months later, the music industry is still waiting to hear from the RIAA which ISPs have explicitly agreed to work with the association. That there are still no announced deals–and there’s no guarantee the RIAA can sign any of the major broadband companies–indicates that, at best, the big recording companies might have spoken too soon when they said broadband providers would help, says one ISP executive…

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