The digital TV transition is less than two weeks away, and even though most Americans are prepared for the big switch, the Federal Communications Commission still expects a few hiccups, CNET reports. The FCC held a public hearing on June 2 in which representatives from different FCC bureaus and leaders from various groups involved in educating and preparing the public for the switch updated commissioners on their progress. The FCC and Commerce Department have partnered with community organizations, churches, public safety departments, civil rights groups, consumer groups, and broadcasters around the country to get people ready for the transition. These education and outreach programs were thrown into high gear after Congress voted to postpone the transition from February 17 to June 12. FCC staff members agreed the nation is much better prepared now for the DTV transition than it was in February. But they testified there will be some individuals and groups of people who will still experience problems when all full-powered TV stations in the country flip the switch to digital transmission…

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