Microsoft alters gaming experience with new full-body motion sensor

Microsoft on June 1 unveiled Project Natal, a system that lets users play video games without a controller through face recognition that is captured on a 3-D motion capture camera, ChannelWeb reports. Introduced at the E3 video conference in Los Angeles, the Project Natal camera can translate three-dimensional body movements onto a screen for interactive games and other features. The product will work with all incarnations of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. Movie director Steven Spielberg is a fan of Project Natal.
"This is a technology that recognizes not only your thumb or wrist but recognizes your entire being," Spielberg said in an interview with the BBC. "The technology knows who you are and instantly personalizes the gaming experience." Project Natal is still being birthed; Microsoft is still developing games and has not disclosed pricing or a release date. But Spielberg thinks the technology will transform the possibilities for gaming. "This is going to bring people who are intimidated or scared of the technology," he said. "This is going to allow people who don’t usually play video games to access a whole new world."

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