$100,000 from Able Information Technologies to eight Arizona schools

Able Information Technologies has completed a contest to reward Arizona schools for their exemplary use of technology to improve education. The contest, which awarded $100,000 worth of prizes to eight winning schools, was a collaboration of Able, the Arizona Technology Council, the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance, and the Greater Arizona eLearning Association.

L.W. Cross Middle School in Tucson took first place for its use of technology in a cross-curricular course taught between eighth-grade English and social studies classrooms. Emily Gray Junior High School in Tucson took second place for using virtual literature circles to help extend classroom reading. Maricopa Wells Middle School took third place for its Mini-Cities program, which taught vertex-edge graphing to eighth-graders. All three winners received computers and scholarships for graduate-level education classes. Five honorable mention winners also received audiovisual equipment and graduate scholarships.