New York-based SharedBook Inc. has set up a web site so the supporters and opponents of Google’s digital book project can more easily post their opinions about a legal settlement that will help fulfill or possibly derail the internet search leader’s ambitions, reports the Associated Press. The site,, is set to debut May 28. Using SharedBook’s annotation tools, anyone will be able to comment on the complex settlement and other key court documents in a class-action lawsuit filed four years ago by authors and publishers. "We think this debate is a very important for the publishing industry," Vanderlip said Caroline Vanderlip, who runs SharedBook. "There are enormous number of people discussing the pros and cons of this settlement." If the settlement wins federal court approval this fall, Google will emerge with the right to make digital copies of millions of copyright books no longer in print. While Google and its backers argue the settlement will help the publishing industry and society by making obscure books more accessible, critics contend it will concentrate too much power with a single company…

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