In states across the nation, college loan forgiveness programs are on the chopping block as the state agencies and nonprofit organizations that sponsor these programs are getting less money from the federal government and are having difficulty raising money elsewhere as a result of the financial crisis, reports the New York Times. The organizations say the repayment programs have been hurt by a broader effort by Congress to tackle the high cost of the federal student loan program by reducing subsidies to lenders. Curbing the programs will make it harder to lure college graduates into high-value but often low-paying fields like teaching and nursing. While few schools may be hiring now in this economic climate, there may be shortages later, educators say. "You’re going to diminish the quality of the candidates who are thinking, ‘Do I take my skills in math and science into industry or do I take them into the classroom?’" said Tracey L. Bailey, who had loans forgiven in Florida and now is director of education policy for the Association of American Educators…

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