A district court judge has ordered Massachusetts and Boston University police to return a BU student’s computers, cell phone, and other belongings, after finding that investigators did not sufficiently show a link between the man and any crime, SecurityFocus reports. The case pits investigators against Riccardo Calixte, a senior in computer science at Boston University. After Calixte’s roommate complained of "domestic issues" and called Calixte a hacker, campus police opened up an investigation into an eMail message allegedly sent by Calixte to a university mailing list. The eMail linked to a fake profile of Calixte’s roommate on a site for gay men. The roommate also accused Calixte of maintaining a cache of more than 200 illegally copied movies, hacking into the university’s grade database, configuring computers so they cannot be scanned for illegal downloads, and jailbreaking cell phones. In an affidavit to support his application for a search warrant, Boston University Police Officer Kevin M. Christopher gave evidence that Calixte might have sent the eMail, citing it as a violation of two computer hacking laws: obtaining computer services by fraud or misrepresentation and unauthorized access to a computer. In his order to return Calixte’s items, the judge noted that, even if Calixte had sent the eMail, doing so would not violate either law and criticized the prosecutors’ attempts to revise their case as an investigation into the allegations that the student hacked into the university’s grade database. The ruling was not a complete victory for Calixte: The judge denied his attorneys’ request that any evidence collected so far be barred from used in future trials…

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