YouTube increasingly less of an option in schools

Although there are an extraordinary number of good educational videos on YouTube, it appears the junk is on its way to overwhelming the good … but ZDNet blogger Christopher Dawson has a solution. Dawson, who is the technology director for the Athol-Royalston School District in northern Massachusetts, says school IT directors need to train their teachers and give them easy tools to isolate and deliver appropriate YouTube content to their students. "No more, ‘Hey kids, put together a PowerPoint presentation and feel free to search for some resources on YouTube,’" Dawson writes. "We need to train our teachers to place videos on their own web sites or blogs or, better yet, use a site like Fliggo to really isolate useful video content from the rest of YouTube. … There’s no need to throw out the baby with the bath water in terms of online video, but there is a real need for increased vigilance and helping teachers find new ways to clearly direct instruction around useful video."

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