New online opportunities, increased use of "e-resources," and new teaching tools are among the 17 biggest differences between college today and college just 10 years ago, says U.S. News & World Report. For example, a number of big-name schools have put up selected courses at free, "open courseware" web sites. Textbooks now come electronically, with professors being able to custom-order the chapters they want. Courses have their own web pages, where you can not only consult the syllabus and download lecture notes; you can often chat with other students in the course and sometimes even the professor. Overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards, and transparencies have been sent to the junk pile with the advent of PowerPoint. "Smart" classrooms allow professors to integrate materials from the internet directly into their lectures. And "clickers" allow instructors instant feedback on how well their students have grasped (or slept through) the last 10 minutes of the lecture…

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