Technology prizes for you and your school, worldwide exposure, and the Google empire at your beck and call, if only for 24 hours — not a bad day for a sixth grader, PC Magazine reports. Top honors in the second annual Doodle 4 Google competition went to budding artist Christin Engelberth, 12, who attends Bernard Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. Her logo doodle, "A New Beginning," will top the Google home page all day May 21. Google’s charming logo doodles have become a signature feature of the search engine’s home page, and the Doodle 4 Google contest placed the logo into the eager and imaginative hands of K-12 students across the nation, inviting them to explore the theme, "What I Wish for the World." Engelberth’s creation, which is based on her hope that "out of current crisis, discoveries will be found to help Earth prosper once more," bested a pool of 28,000 entrants…

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