College students and faculty members with concealed handgun licenses in Texas would be allowed to pack their firearms on campus under a bill that the state Senate tentatively approved May 19, reports the Dallas Morning News. The guns-on-campus measure was offered by Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, who said he wanted to give Texas students protection against mass shootings such as the one at Virginia Tech University in 2007. Opponents of the measure have raised concerns about more violence on campuses as a result of more available guns, and they say colleges should be able to decide the issue themselves. Senators tentatively approved the legislation on a 20-10 vote. A second vote will be required to move the proposal to the House, where a similar bill died before a legislative deadline last week. Wentworth fought off several amendments offered by critics, including one that would have made a guns-on-campus policy optional for college governing boards. But he agreed to let private schools opt out of the requirement so he could move the bill to the Senate floor…

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