The U.S. ranks 15th out of 29 developed countries in the percentage of college students who complete their degrees, and 10th in the world in the percentage of young adults who have college degrees. To help turn those statistics around and better prepare students for the 21st century workforce, legislation passed this year requires that every Colorado ninth-grader sign up for a state-run web site that helps them plan their post-secondary life both academically and financially, reports the Denver Post. The web site,, gets kids to identify careers they would like and shows them courses they would need for such a career in high school and beyond. Jefferson County this year began requiring its seventh- and eighth-graders to register for the site, and Denver Public Schools piloted the program a few years ago. "We are trying to get more kids prepared for post-secondary [education] and tell them that they need more education after high school," said Scott Springer, director of DPS’ post-secondary pathways…

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