An iPhone development course from Stanford University has recently reached a million downloads from Apple’s iTunes U, AppleInsider reports. Stanford’s iPhone development class generated new attention after the university promised to publish it to the public as a free podcast using iTunes U. Apple reportedly has served more than a billion applications to iPhone and iPod touch users within the first nine months of launching its App Store. The company also continues to support iTunes U by developing podcasting support in GarageBand and marketing the Podcast Producer feature of Mac OS X Server to universities as a way to efficiently produce educational content, which can then be published through iTunes. This has resulted in a tight ecosystem in which universities are using Apple’s podcasting tools to generate iTunes U content about developing for the iPhone, and students are using the iPhone to download this free content to learn about mobile development—and then profiting from their education by writing new iPhone apps to be sold in the App Store, which in turn profits Apple…

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