U.S. software developer MeLLmo has released a free application that turns iPhones into powerful tools for analyzing spreadsheets and reports, enhancing the appeal of Apple mobile devices to schools, businesses, and other enterprises, AFP reports. The application, named RoamBi, intuitively imitates the way business reports are read and then presents results in graphics adapted to the iPhone’s touch-screen size and capabilities, said MeLLmo chief executive Santiago Becerra. "We are leading the way in more interactive visual reports that will power people to be more productive and make the iPhone more attractive to business," Becerra said. Currently, the enterprise mobile telephone market is dominated by BlackBerry, a device made by Canada-based Research In Motion. Applications such as RoamBi promise to help iPhones make inroads in the enterprise market, but BlackBerry is firmly entrenched with a system built to let companies and schools protect data and manage devices. Analysts say some enterprise leaders are reluctant to adopt iPhones, because there is no platform that gives them technical support for networks of smart phones that their employees are using. Managers also want tools like those used on Blackberries to regulate smart phone capabilities, such as downloading internet files, watching videos, and taking photographs…

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