Before the digital age, there was simply nasty writing on the restroom wall. Now, in the say-it-all era of the internet, the darker side of teenage expression has found a new place to fester, reports the Washington Post. The latest site for such nasty rants is, a high-school version of JuicyCampus, which riled college officials before shutting down earlier this year. Peoples Dirt is a hive of anonymous slander where girls are listed by name as promiscuous and teachers are accused of being fat and in some instances of having sex with students. There are racial rants, and barbs about being gay. "It’s vile," said Walt Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin, who added that he is a firm believer in free speech but is vexed by the anonymity that the web site provides for maligning remarks against high schoolers who are named. "Some of these things are causing certain students great distress," he said. The site, which went up in November, is run by a 23-year-old administrator in Maryland and has already expanded into Virginia, D.C., and other states. Parents have complained, and police have tried to rein in the site, which has been through several short-term shutdowns, but the material posted is not illegal, they say…

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