Pulse Smartpen should be required for college, not the iPhone

Recently, the University of Missouri’s journalism program made news by saying it would require its students to purchase an iPhone or an iTouch for the fall semester. But San Francisco Examiner columnist Adam Mills thinks there’s a technology that would be even better for students of journalism (or any other field) to have: the Smartpen from Livescribe. "You can use it to write down notes like any other pen; however, using Livescribe’s Dot Paper, an infrared camera on the tip of the pen tracks everything you write or draw," Mills writes. "It has a built-in microphone that students can use to record lectures that, combined with its noise-canceling on-board technology, leaves the user with crisp and clear recordings. This is perfect to drown out that kid in the front row who is constantly giving his two cents. The Smartpen also comes with a set of headphones, called the 3D Recording Headset. These feature ear buds with attached microphones that are able to help capture additional sound in large, noisy environments that the regular microphone might have trouble picking up. Now comes the unique part. When you upload what you have written to your computer, Livescribe’s software will synchronize what you wrote with any audio it recorded. So if you missed something, all you have to do is tap the appropriate word on the Dot Paper and it will bring you to the audio section for you to listen to…"

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